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Teddy Herz wishes "Happy Birthday"

Teddy Herz wishes "Happy Birthday"

SMM | Werbung | 11. Mai 2022

The birthday is the most personal event for every person and is celebrated every year.

Now singer and entertainer Teddy Herz wishes all 'Big and little birthday boys and girls' a Hearty "Happy Birthday" with his new Birthday Schlager.

New Evergreen

Even if the traditional "Happy Birthday to You" by Mildred and Patty Hill (originally "Good Morning to All") or "Happy Birthday" by Stevie Wonder is the first thing that comes to mind - the new Birthday Schlager by Teddy Herz simply encourages people to sing along to the guitar in happy company. "Happy Birthday" is likely to become an evergreen in the German-speaking world and, in a later international version, will also be successful worldwide.

Personal birthday wishes

The slogan Teddy Herz wishes "Happy Birthday" can be taken quite literally. From now on, the popular entertainer will be the bearer of birthday wishes - whether with a birthday serenade, a live performance of his "German Schlager Revue" at birthday parties, in the form of a birthday card with a personal dedication or by birthday video including photo impressions of the 'birthday boy or girl' to the new Birthday Schlager by Teddy Herz.

"Happy Birthday" release on the birthday

The release date is 11 May 2022 for a good reason, because this is the day Teddy Herz himself celebrates his birthday...

Like all previous songs of Teddy Herz, "Happy Birthday" is published on the music label Reuthers Records, which specializes in German Schlager. The single is available from Wednesday, 11 May 2022 at all download stores and streaming services - the current album "Welche Farbe hat die Welt" (Which color is the world) and the family album "Weihnachten mit Teddy Herz" (Christmas with Teddy Herz) of course also as a CD in specialty stores and online shops.


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